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Discover uplifting sermons and worship experiences right from your screen! Join our online church services for inspiring messages and spiritual growth. Whether you're in Pittsburgh or searching for a church near you, our online sermons bring the essence of community and faith to your fingertips. Tune in now for transformative church sermons online!

Issue Fixing Faith by Pastor Giles

Issue Fixing Faith!

Mark 5:22-36

Key Points:
I. Faith Gives God a Chance
II. Faith moves with Expectancy
III. Faith Just Works


Does Anybody Know What Time It Is by Pastor Giles

Key Points:

I. Be Awake

II. Be on Watch

III. Be at Work

Scripture: Mark 13:33


The Harder They Fall by Pastor Giles

 Key Points:

1. Conviction to Confront your Giants 2. Courage to Confront your Giants

 3. Continue to Conquer your Giants


Dancing in the Streets by Pastor Giles

Scripture : Luke 19:28-42

Key Points:

I. The Lord has need of You

II. Forgot: Don’t miss your day

III. Favor of faith

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