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Welcome to Triumph

"At Triumph, our vision is to witness God sculpting you into a vessel filled with purpose, radiating grace and glory back to Him. May His Spirit illuminate your journey, guiding you through trials and victories, empowering you to persevere,

and enabling you to share God’s vibrant hope confidently with others, shining His eternal light on the lost.

Blessings abound for your family as my wife and I speak over you, praying that

your home becomes a radiant reflection of God’s joy, peace, and goodness. As His children, we stand firm in the promise of an abundant life, flourishing in relationships, ministries, missions, and throughout our pilgrimage.

Our love for you transcends words. We are grateful for your ongoing prayers and support, and it is our honor to serve you with messages of revelation. In this house, you are acknowledged as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Allow God’s rest to renew you, His mercy to move you, and His love to guide you!"

-Craig Giles

Senior Pastor


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Bible Study

Youth Ministry

Generation Praise Choir

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Hope Outreach








Embark on a spiritual journey with Triumph Church's Ministries in the heart of Pittsburgh! Explore purpose and passion through dynamic worship and life-transforming programs tailored for our vibrant community. Your path to fulfillment begins here!



🌍 Discover the impactful journeys of our missionaries – dedicated Agents of Hope making a global impact. 🌟

Explore the compelling narratives of our missionaries, extend your support, and be a firsthand witness to global change. Join us in empowering these ambassadors of faith as they transcend borders, making a lasting impact beyond geographical boundaries.. 🙏

Tender lovin

Triumph Cares

🌟Triumph Cares: Join the Movement!🌟

Contribute, volunteer, and witness the transformative impact of Triumph Cares' foodshare ministry. Let's collaboratively nourish lives, fostering a sense of community and building hope together.



🤝 Meet Our Deacons: Guiding Lights of Care! 🌟

Discover the compassionate leaders offering support, prayer, and community strength. Explore their impactful initiatives and find inspiration for your journey of faith.

Cultivate a Harvest of Blessings: Tithing with Joy, Nurturing Purposeful Growth.

Flower in Sunlight

Immerse yourself in the transformative worship experience, right from your home! Subscribe to TriumphAV on YouTube for the Sunday Service livestream. Click the link below to join the spiritual journey in the Pittsburgh area:

Sunday Service Livestream

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